Saturday, November 17, 2012

Global Warming

Global warming is the process of increasing the average temperature of the atmosphere, ocean and the Earth’s land. Global average temperature at Earth’s land has increase during the last hundred years.
              The primary cause of global warming is the gasses that produce by the burning of these fuels, coal, oil, gasoline, and carbon dioxide also can cause global warming. Carbon dioxide is produce by power plants during respiration, cars and factory fume. Much carbon dioxide can produce, but it does not dissipate. It stays in the atmosphere for five decades or more. It causes the Earth’s temperature increase. So, the carbon dioxide produce 1950s, 1960s, is still in the atmosphere today. And the carbon dioxide today will be still in the atmosphere in 2050 and beyond. The effect of glass house also can cause global warming. Actually, the effect of glass house is very important for the living things, because without it our planet will be very cold. But it can be very dangerous if it is too large in the mount, because the gasses that produce by glass house will absorb and reflect the radiation that shined by the sun, and it cause the heat pile in the Earth’s surface.
              The effect of global warming are the climate is not stabile, the ocean surface is rising because when the atmosphere warmer, the ocean surface warmer too, so the volume will be bigger and the height of ocean surface will increased. The other effect is ecology disturbance. Nowadays many people do illegal logging. Trees can absorb carbon dioxide to do photosynthesis, if the people always doing illegal logging, the carbon dioxide will increase. And where will the animal live, if their home has destroyed by the human? We know that global warming give many bad effects for our earth.  For example in 2003, heat waves caused 20,000 deaths in Europe and 1,500 deaths in India. And the number of Category 4 and 5 hurricanes has doubled since the 1970’s Oceans are rising, coral reefs are dying, species are disappearing, and glaciers are melting. Can you imagine how hot our world if it can melt the eternal ice?
              So now, the problem is what should we do to stop the global warming? Actually there is no one thing that we can do to solve the problem. But we can decrease the global warming by destroying the carbon dioxide. The easiest method to do this is doing reforestation. We also can destroyed the carbon dioxide directly, with inject that gas to the well of fuel, so the come out to the surface.
              If we act now, further temperature increase are kept 1o F, but if we don’t act now, the temperature will increased from 5o to 9o F, it will make a big trouble for the Earth. So, we must act now, to save our planet from the big trouble.


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